Cocoon @ Amnesia Ibiza 2013 (Official Aftermovie)

Coyu – Octagon (Cocoon Recordings, COR12110 D Change, Release Date 04.11.2013)
Matt John – The Keys (Cocoon Recordings, CORCD/LP034)

The time has come to say good-bye to this unique summer of 2013. We spent unforgettable nights in Amnesia and Tipic with you and experienced countless magical moments at our afterhours. Thank you for your creativity, your energy, your smiles, your happiness — your love of life is what makes Cocoon Ibiza this incomparable and beautiful party experience! Now the gates of the Ibiza jungle close and lock its green secrets within… You’re the ones who aroused it and filled it with many stories and images that will accompany us to the winter season. The memories will be with us when the Cocoon spirit travels around the world with us, they will come along to other countries, other dancefloors. We’ll see you there! For the jungle doesn’t sleep, it’s in you, in us, and above all it’s in the music. You just have to live it! See you on the dancefloor…