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David Guetta

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David Guetta Livesets DJ Mixes – Biography:

Name : Guetta
Surname : David
D.O.B : 7 novembre 1967
Birth sign : Scorpion
Place : Paris
Marital status: marié ? Cathy
Kid(s) : 1, another is coming!
Occupation : The best Dj ever!

In the beginning of the 80’s, a 13 years old kid began to mix on all kinds of music. Quickly, David developed his own style. Then he brought his turntables in small night clubs and the Guetta machine was engine-turned! He reached the Paris biggest clubs like the “Palace”, the “Broad”, the “Bain-Douches, the “Central”, the “Rex”….
Gradually, he became a pioneer of the Hip-hop DJ’s on the french radio station Radio 7, then a house DJ on Radio Nova…
In 1994, he went again to the “BATACLAN” and attract more people in his parties.
In 1995, he became the Palace’s artistic manager, and his success grows.
In 1997, he came back to the “Bains-Douche” and made an opening with the first Scream party.
He recovered his turntables in 2001, signing a contract with Virgin.
In 2002, ‘F*** Me I’m Famous’is the name of his first party in company with his wife.
The Dj said that all his success is due to his marvelous wife, Cathy.
The most-known french DeeJay, came back in 2003 with a second part of his album: ‘F*** Me I’m Famous’ which was more successful than the first. His this album, you can listen the David Bowie’s remix: Just For One Day.
Few month later, he release Guetta Blaster where you can meet techno-house tracks like ‘Stay’ which fired the dancefloors.
After that, David is unmistakebly the most popular french Dj in the whole world, In addition, he appears in the ranking of the English Mag: DJ Mag. The same year (2005), he won the award of the Dj of the year during the House Music Awards.

David Guetta in few dates :
1967 : Birth in Paris
1988 : Mix House on Radio Nova
1992 : 1st single ‘Up & Way’ with Robert Owens
2002 : First album ‘Just a little more love’
2003 : ‘F*** Me I’m Famous’ Party
2004 : Second album ‘Guetta Blaster’
2005-06 : ‘F*** Me I’m Famous’ part 2 and 3
2007 : Pop Life, the same year, David Guetta set up an unbelievable number of successful parties.