LS23 | ELEVATE | Pig&Dan

♫ Label Showcase ♫:

^tracklist available at the link above^

Techno vetern duo Pig&Dan are the brains behind the Elevate imprint.

The guys really don’t need much introduction, as their prolific output of Techno have graced the likes of Bedrock, Mesmeric, Soma, Suara and Tronic, building a trademark dubby, chunky techno and tech-house grooves. It is a versatile sound that the duo continues to explore with the imprint.

So, with that, we continue our series highlighting our favourite labels from around the world. Today, we thought we would catch up with Elevate bosses, Pig&Dan to get the scoop on all things Elevate. Also, at the end of this article you will find an exclusive full length mix from the boys themselves, giving an idea of how Elevate is meant to be heard…in the mix! (big room preferred)