Nanopix “Trafiquant de doutes” Album

Benoît Balfet graphic artist and visual artist is influenced in his early days by urban culture. Through skateboarding and the beginnings of Graff, he discovered and experimented with drawing. In 1997, London will be a journey where he will discover electronic cultures and a new universe to explore. Since then he tries to find a plastic synthesis between all his influences. Since 1997, he exhibits regularly while working as a graphic designer and teacher in applied arts. His work is multimedia (images / sound / video art). Since 2009 he proposes his musical universe under the name NANOPIX on the NOWAKI label and since 2015, he has been developing a radio program “Nanopix dans la Brume” broadcast on

Track List:

01 Ce dernier choix
02 Une étape
03 Empathie
04 Return Integration Past
05 La mine du temps
06 Tapis au creux de mes oreilles
07 Question pour oracle
08 Ces mains qui protègent
09 Où bon te semble
10 Tenace

I’ve tried with this opus to analyse my recently new energy…Every time i work on a project, the inspiration comes from what i’m living at the moment : emotions, feelings, people i met, every thing can be the begining of a new track.
I guess some choice, i have done, this summer (which was fool of doubts)  have been the starter. According to sort of meditation, i let the past behind, and that’s it, life with doubt, dealing with them hardly, that’s why i choose this title Doubts trafficker (Trafiquant de doutes in French)…

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Samples Streaming 15/05/2019
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