Peter Makto aka Dandy – Private ThoughTS vol. 12

As always I use my voice to give some directions/instructions to know how you need to listen the PT mixes.
Usually I speak about something personal or something spiriutal what is a kind of connection between me and the audiance. The music and “my story” have to be in strong connection.
Private thoughts vol.12 has nothing personal and nothing spiritual.
Private thoughts vol.012 is about my special love and my special connection for HOUSE music.
I am so happy for finding and playing again good quality house tracks.
I believe that THE GOOD HOUSE MUSIC is the fastest way to reach people’s soul.
MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE….never forget ! Have a nice journey….and find the surprise track at end of the mix…

Track list:

01. Wayne Tennant, Paolo Rocco – Caution you (Original) /Get Physical/
02. Kill Frenzy – So fine (Original) /Dirtybird/
03. The Beatangers – Bring it on down (Original) /Loulou Records/
04. Kruse & Nuernberg, Michelle Owen, Isis Salam – We find deep (H.O.S.H. remix) /Rejected/
05. The Checkup – The factor (Original) /Electronical Reeds/
06. Chardonnet vs. Afrilounge feat. Phetote the Poet – Morning poem (Original) /Audiomatique/
07. &ME – Blitz (Rampa & Re.You AKA RAR remix) /Saved Records/
08. Culoe De Song – Y.O.U.D. (Original) /Innervisions/
09. Uschi & Hans – Voices (Sebastian Weiske remix) /Spielgold/
10. Oskar Offermann – Old story (Original) /Dig Master/
11. Jonas Saalbach feat. Paul Klatt – Follow me

Thank you for all the people who support me.

Peter Makto aka Dandy