Steve Lawler – Live @ Ketama (Moscow) – Jan 2010

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Steve Lawler – Live @ Ketama (Moscow) – Jan 2010 (Hotfile)

Steve Lawler – Live @ Ketama (Moscow) – Jan 2010 (Sharingmatrix)

Steve Lawler – Live @ Ketama (Moscow) – Jan 2010 (Fileserve)

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“Don’t you just love it when something organic happens, something real, like a song writer writing about the loss of a love one, or a poet speaking of the days beauty.. thats what this mix is for me as a DJ.

I got together with a bunch of friends who run the amazing Arma 17 club in moscow, where we do regular VIVa MUSiC Party’s and we always after the after hours congregate, get together, chill, smoke and share each others warmth at this little restaurant called ”Ketama’ but we like to call it ‘Ketamina’ i love it there! its s small simple place but can also be very surreal. The back wall is a huge screen which plays landscapes, like your flying through the sky and the room is made up of 4 giant mushrooms that all stem from the one branch and you either lie on top or under these shrooms, there are no seats, its all carpets, rugs, pillows, cushions and you lie around eat drink and smoke, its so comfortable and the perfect place to finally chill after a long long night.. and its open 24 hours a day! The resident DJ in there plays some of the most amazing chill out ambient, electronica i have had the pleasure of hearing. but when i go i just have the crushing urge to play music, sorry i cant help it! its somewhere i can dive deep into my record bag (computer crete!) and dig out some deep house gems, which i don’t have the chance to do that often. and what a pure pleasure it is …

I always do mixes like these if i ever have the chance at after after hour party’s, i will from now on be sure to make sure you get them!”