The “Party Non Stop” Love Life Trials and Tribulations of Pirupa

So the Word on the Street is your the Jack of all trades in Producing Dangerous Music for the masses with a exciting 2011 behind you with works on Cecile, Defected, Snatch! and Saved just to name a few! How do you feel your reputation as enabled you to go where you started to present where you are at now?

I started many years ago for passion and love for music
then over time I realized I could get good results.
It was not easy because it took so many years, but I managed to get what I wanted, and I think this is the best job in the world!

Tell us about Playing in London and Playing with Riva Starr as explain how you see her as an artist and her credibility to the electronic dance realm?

Stefano is one of the most talented artists out there and for me he’s a master!
He’s always helping me and supporting my music like no other!
I’m always happy to work with him and release music on his Snatch! imprint

We have seen in 2011 and early 2012 major Action in the Italian motif of Dance Bomb makers such as yourself, you close friend LEON, and so many more artist from that realm of the planet. What gives that Music Swagger to the Italians artist we are seeing becoming the White Lions of the Jungle that Killer niche?

After so many years we are back in the spotlight! We have always had great talents and now we are breaking all over the world! :)

What does you studio Consist of and what gets you in that rocking sense of music pattern in preparing to create music that moves the crowd?

My studio software is mainly Ableton Live 8, good virtual synths and great loops! I love to do stuff that move people’s ass!

You have a upcoming release on Desolat “Party Non Stop” and rumor in under 12 hours had 5000 views which is a manifest in disquise. Can you tell us a little about this track and when it is forthcoming to the public?

The “Party Non-Stop” EP is the best dancefloor track I ever did! It has a devastating effect on the floor! Loco Dice loves this track and has been playing it for over 5 months now! It’s a great achievement for me releasing this EP on his label. I hope people will love it and will support the EP. It also includes the instrumental mix and remix by DJ QU, that is very “drama” and much deeper.

We have seen a press picture of Tape over your mouth with your name. Women have asked us is this one of the fantasies that draw the distinguishing factors of Pirupa possibly? Are you a ladies man or you quiet about it mouth taped up?

I’m a man, but I still feel very child. I like to have fun, even outside the music and gigs sphere! I think I might be more serious at work than on daily life.

What can we expect in 2012 with other projects that will blow our minds with Pirupa and any collaborations in the making?

Many good releases coming:

New stuff on Area Remote, Desolat, Snach!, Saved, Strictly Rhythm, Fino Music..…enough?? :)

Your taste in Food, what drive you crazy if you had to choose to have prepared for you by a women trying to impress you?

I’m 100% Italian and love pasta! Luckily my girlfriend is very good in cooking and in fact, since I’ve been in a relationship with her, I got many more pounds of flab :)

What is the longest set you ever played and what experience did that teach you to the performer you are at present?

I played in Miami on New Year 2011 @ the Nocturnal club, I played for about 6 hours! Wonderful experience!
Tours in south and north America are always wonderful and always teach me something new , can’t wait to come back in the States and south America this year.

When on Tour, what is the most embarrassing thing you can recall that turned into the best experience you can remember ?

I did lots of things while on tours … One time, in a fast food restaurant, I was so tired and I fell asleep on my plate of hamburgers!!! ahahaha!!

What does your Usual touring package that you always carry with you consist of?

First the equipment I use to play, then a suitcase with some clothes….I love to do shopping when I’m traveling the world on tours.