Under_Score – Tourist

Available here: https://GreatStuffRecordings.lnk.to/TouristEP

Who is Under_Score? Where is Under_Score from? Nobody seems to know. All we know is that whoever hides himself behind this mysterious moniker knows a thing or two about quality, cutting edge dance tracks. The ‘Tourist EP’ features two robust and comforting compositions that will rock club nights and festival stages with ease.

Starting off with the sleek ‘Tourist’ track – its strong drum programming, driving bass frequencies and funky chords will make it a sure shot in your sets. Pitched vocals add another melodic layer on top and help elevate the good vibes.

‘Life’ is just as funk-filled but also has a rawer, dryer side to it. The groove is kept simple and focuses on the essential ingredients such a thick kick and snappy drums. It contains a touch of Garage here and a sprinkle of New York House there.

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